An American classic for Dubai

The UAE is known for their love for vintage and luxury cars. For luxury car owners in Dubai, their cars are not just vehicles that take you from one place to another, they are a symbol of their extravagant lifestyle.

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It is a known fact that even government officials drive expensive SUVs and the police have introduced the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, and the Ferrari FF to its fleet.

Although, Covid has taken a toll on the glamorous metropolis, the import of vintage and luxury cars has increased in the last years and is expected to grow even further. The UAE is the eighth country worldwide that holds the largest share in luxury cars. The top luxury car brands like Ferrari, BMW, and Audi have the highest sales in the UAE.

Thus, the UAE has become one of the leading hubs for the automobile industry globally. While luxurious cars are in demand, the prices for vintage and classic cars are on the rise as well. As all the major vintage car dealers and restoration facilities are in the US, Europe, or Japan, buyers must include transportation costs to the Emirates with their car purchase.

Considering the amount of money spent on these cars, it becomes quite clear that the transportation of the vehicle is crucial. The cars require extra safety and more care than regular shipments. The owners are trusting shipping companies with their most precious “babies”.

Recently, an Emirati customer bought a 1967 Ford Mustang from a dealer in the US. He approached Emirhan Turhan, Head of Sales UAE, to discuss the safest and fastest way to move this latest addition to his car park in Dubai. This was an easy task for the team from Hellmann Automotive Logistics. They are experts in logistics solutions for the global procurement and distribution of production and spare parts, including air export and import of luxury and vintage cars from all around the world.

The 1967 Ford Mustang is heading to the airport

The classic Mustang was picked up from a shipper facility in Carrollton, Texas, by a covered truck and then delivered directly to the George Bush terminal in the Intercontinental Airport in Houston. From there the vintage model flew via Baku to Dubai – safe and sound as promised. The transit took altogether six days and made a car enthusiast very happy!

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