Automotive Logistics Forum 2022 in Friedrichshafen: Finally back in person!

Under the motto “Cheerful to cloudy: Clouds & Co. for transparency and resilience”, the Automobile Logistics Forum took place at the fairgrounds in Friedrichshafen on the 18 and 19 of May 2022. The organizers of the event were the German Logistics Association (BVL) and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was among the 340 participants with its own booth.

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After the Forum had to be held online last year, the important industry meeting of automotive production, logistics, and supply chain management was finally able to take place in person again.

The in-person event was much to the delight of Monika Thielemann-Hald, Global Vice President of Automotive & Agricultural Logistics:

“In the last two years, we were not able to bring our developments regarding automotive trends to the market as desired due to Covid-19. Therefore, it was clear that we wanted to be at the Automotive Logistics Forum with our own booth to present our logistics solutions on a broad scale.”
Great team spirit at the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics booth

For two days, more than 40 speakers from OEMs, suppliers, logistics service providers, consultancies, and research centers discussed current industry developments, trends, and the future of the automotive supply chain.

A total of seven colleagues from Hellmann Automotive Logistics attended the Forum delighted to meet up with customers, partners, and suppliers again. “At the same time, the small automotive world acted reserved due to the current crisis situations," reports Florian Rybak, Regional Director Automotive Europe.

The consequences of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and rising energy prices are having far-reaching effects on the German automotive industry and the logistics sector as well. Problems in the supply chains are causing massive disruptions for OEMs and suppliers. All the more reason for the automotive industry to take new, innovative paths to successfully master challenges in the future. Accordingly, digitalization, transparency, and collaboration were the focus of the event.

Florian Rybak
Regional Director Automotive Europe
"The Automotive Logistics Forum was the perfect place to discuss precisely these topics and get new input. Particularly exciting, was the discussion about a necessary deceleration of the logistics chains in order to give the entire industry the opportunity to stabilize itself again and establish reliable supply chains. Even the vehicle manufacturers eagerly joined the debate. This is an absolute turning point!"
says Florian Rybak.

Rybak’s personal highlight: "Of course, the joint public viewing of the Euroleague final in the ZF Forum!"

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Monika Thielemann-Hald
Global Vice President
Automotive & Agricultural Logistics

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