Exclusive air freight capacity from Frankfurt to Austin

Since April 8th, Hellmann is offering exclusive air freight capacity on direct flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Austin, Texas three times per week.

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Three times a week, the air service provider Lufthansa flies on direct route from Frankfurt to Austin, Texas. On the transatlantic flight, Hellmann has secured exclusive capacity for general and below-deck cargo for time-sensitive shipments to the greater Texas area, surrounding states and northern Mexico. Customers will benefit from the premium carrier's fast, high-quality service and attractive high dense rates.

The route is being flown three days per week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and scheduled for same day arrival. The destination is reached after only 11 hours of flight. A short turn-around in Austin for timely delivery to the destination can be guaranteed.

On request, Hellmann handles further transportation throughout Texas and the surrounding Southern US States including Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. Northern Mexico can also be reached quickly, e.g. Monterrey is on a regular schedule. Inquiries to other cities like Guadalajara, Mexico City or Querétaro are welcome.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Cargo (DGR) as well as of temperature-sensitive products (Cold Chain active & passive) is also possible on request.

For additional information or rate requests, please contact your local Hellmann Sales Representative.

Katja Siefke

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