Hellmann and appliLog bring Green IT to Automotive Logistics

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Hellmann has concluded a framework agreement with the German software developer appliLog to further expand combined transport globally through software-supported supply chain management. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions, particularly in complex automotive logistics, by increasingly shifting transport units from road to rail.

Procurement logistics in the automotive sector requires reliable just-in-time delivery of components, which requires optimal coordination of the logistical sub-processes. appiLog’s innovative software "CapriComPlete" makes it possible to combine individual logistical single solutions in a single transport management system and thus map the entire supply chain in one system. With status messages that are accurate to the minute and can be generated at the touch of a button, the software meets the complex requirements of the automotive business while taking into account the standards set by the VDA (Association of German Automobile Manufacturers). Thus, "CapriComPlete" offers complete transparency along the entire supply chain and maps road, rail and sea traffic in real time. In addition, status messages and reports provide all the information needed to intervene immediately in the event of deviations and to ensure seamless just-in-time procurement logistics.

The automotive sector requires reliable just-in-time delivery of components, which requires optimal coordination of the logistical sub-processes. With appiLog we now offer another innovative solutions to optimize your supply chain.

Hellmann has been testing the software since April 2019 as part of a pilot project for the procurement logistics of a major German automobile manufacturer. Through the use of "CapriComPlete" and the resulting intelligent combination of modes of transport, up to 80 trucks or 400 shipments are shifted to rail every day. Based on the successful testing of the software in Germany, an extension of the contract has now been signed, so that "CapriComPlete" will be rolled out globally from 2021 onwards.

Sustainability has always been a particular focus at Hellmann and our goal is to bring more shipments onto the rails worldwide.

"The topic of sustainability has always been a special focus at Hellmann and our goal is to get more traffic onto the rails worldwide," says Dirk Baerbock, Head of Multimodal Solutions Europe, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. "By using the Green IT software from appliLog GmbH, we can offer our automotive customers intermodal transport solutions and at the same time reduce the CO2 footprint sustainably - across national borders".

"The complex requirements in automotive logistics mean that pure manpower is often no longer sufficient to map the process seamlessly and comprehensibly on the one hand, and effectively and cost-efficiently on the other. Our transport management system "CapriComPlete" is capable of transparently depicting the entire process of combined transport in one integrated system," says Joachim Müller, Managing Director of appliLog GmbH.

About appliLog

For more than 20 years, the software company appliLog GmbH from Passau has made it its business to adapt flexibly and innovatively to the market. Over the years, an expertise in automotive logistics has developed that is second to none. appliLog develops and operates software for freight forwarding companies from order processing to customer-specific billing.

Your Contact:

Dirk Baerbock
Head of Multimodal Solutions Europe

Tel.: +49 541 605 7009
E-Mail: Dirk.Baerbock@hellmann.com

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