Hellmann saves 18,115 tons of CO2

In March, Hellmann Multimodal Solutions received three environmental certificates from DB Cargo and Kombiverkehr. A total of 18,115 tons of transport-related emissions were saved last year by shifting from truck to rail transport.

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Through dedicated consultation from the Multimodal Solutions team, important customers were convinced to shift their product transports from road to rail. This enables them to benefit from reliable transit times and counteract the ever-increasing volume of traffic on our highways. This is not only more economical, but also significantly reduces transport-related carbon dioxide emissions. This makes it a win-win situation - for the environment, logistics and shippers.

Between Osnabrueck/Lehrte and Regensburg/Landshut, for example, major customers from the German automotive and consumer goods sectors transport their goods by rail with Hellmann. The freight train from Hamburg to Nuremberg mainly transports industrial goods and forwarding groupage as well as containers from and to the container port in Hamburg. Two dedicated trains run in round trips on the two routes each day.

"This way, we managed to take a total of 200 trucks off the road every day!" says Dirk Baerbock, who heads the European division of Multimodal Solutions, proudly.

DB Cargo's certificates show that the combined transport saved a total of 18,115 tons of the greenhouse gas CO2 in 2021. However, Hellmann will not rest on this achievement just yet: The colleagues from product management are currently negotiating with their customers about switching to green electricity, which would reduce their transport emissions to zero.

You too can benefit from Hellmann Multimodal Solutions and make a contribution to achieving climate targets. For more information, please visit our website: www.hellmann.com

Katja Siefke

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