Hellmann SmartAir!: the first tool to provide precise calculation of CO2 footprint of air freight shipments

Reliable measurement of the CO2 footprint, particularly that of transportation services, is one of our time's top priorities. That is why we are introducing a market innovation: SmartAir! - the world's first tool for precise CO2 measurement in airfreight. The tracking tool for real-time monitoring created in collaboration with Bluebox Systems at the beginning of the year, is able to calculate the exact CO2 emissions of each airfreight shipment.

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Until today, other tools on the market simply measure the CO2 unit value based on weight and distance, regardless of aircraft type. SmartAir! calculates the exact CO2 footprint of each shipment, taking into account the airline's actual equipment. For the first time, CO2 emissions can thus be precisely measured for each particular shipment and in real-time. Customers can also choose to offset CO2 emissions for individual air freight shipments, which is a service increasingly requested by end users.

Moreover, SmartAir! provides a wide range of real-time information and reporting options for supply chain optimization: The tool, which is based on GPS coordinates, provides data on the exact location of shipments as well as all stopovers and loading times. Additionally, the system offers a series of analysis options for individual airlines, routes, and airports. All these insights can be centrally obtained by the customer at the click of a mouse and independently of the logistics service provider.

Henning Pottharst, Product Manager Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
"This further improvement of SmartAir! comes at the right time, because the topic of sustainability and CO2 offsetting has a significant strategic importance for many of our customers and  also for us as a company. Customers can optimize their supply chains by using the numerous reporting options on airline performance as well as route efficiency, saving up to 25% CO2," explains Henning Pottharst, Product Manager Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

"Sustainable supply chains are becoming increasingly relevant for all customer groups and especially for air freight, the transparent and precise measurement of CO2 emissions is essential. With SmartAir! we launch a real value-add: Based on the data provided, the most efficient transport flows can be determined and thus CO2 emissions can be sustainably reduced. As a result, we also provide our customers with an answer to one of the most urgent questions of our time: How can transportation be designed as CO2-friendly as possible," adds Patrick Oestreich, Chief Commercial Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Katja Siefke

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