Hellmann to Strengthen Healthcare Logistics for the US Midwest

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As part of Hellmann Healthcare Logistics’ global network strategy, Hellmann Chicago has recently started operating Hellmann Healthcare Logistics Chicago Center, a GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certified +2°C to +8°C and +15°C to +25°C controlled environment.

The new Hellmann Healthcare Logistics Chicago Center is the only pharma GDP certified cool chain warehouse within the airport premise. With 3,000 square feet of +2°C to +8°C and 8,000 square feet of +15°C to +25°C including back-up generators, the new center also covers US Customs bond, temperature controlled dedicated loading docks and other value added services, such as replenishing coolants, applying thermal blankets and building active and passive packaging under unbroken cold chain.

+15C to +25C next to Ramp Access and 10 Plug-in points for active containers.

The facility is operated by Maestro - who is much more than just another vendor, but rather an extension of Hellmann Chicago. “We have the ability to offer these services to our customers, whereas on their own, they would not have access to this location. This uniquely separates us from our competition who must support their shared warehouse environments handling general cargo alongside temperature-controlled shipments,” explains Stan Nephew, Operations Director North Central, USA.

“We have the ability to offer services to our customers … they would not have access to. This uniquely separates us from our competition.”

By adding this solution, Hellmann Chicago has established a GDP compliant physical handling of temperature controlled healthcare shipments in and out of ORD for all temperature ranges. “ The closest proximity to the airport tarmac with direct ramp access is a clear value differentiator compared to other competitors’ similar solutions in the Chicago area,” explains Thomas Kuhles, VP Americas Healthcare.

Hellmann's Competitive Advantage

The recent development is not just about an infrastructure, but also Hellmann’s competitive advantage, which is its proficient and highly trained employees in Hellmann’s unique family culture. Terry Parsons, Air Product Manager Chicago proudly states that “This facility instills the confidence of the team in knowing that product will be handled correctly and in compliance with the customers’ requirements, in addition to minimizing risk associated with multiple cross dock operational touches. The use of this facility, allows staff to focus on the customer aspect for timelines and enhanced communication critical to the temperature sensitive pharmaceutical product and customer base.”  

Chicago Branch Team (from left): Stan Nephew, Mairi Badon (Sea Product Manager), Terry Parsons, and Michael Annarella (Warehouse Manager).

“I’m very proud in the manner our Hellmann Family continues to embrace our charge to help our global community in the field of Healthcare Logistics. Realizing every package will have an impact on someone’s life, caring then takes on a whole new meaning. Hellmann’s North American footprint in Healthcare Logistics is moving forward investing profoundly in our operational infrastructure, technology and our people. We strive to positively impact one life at a time,” says Paul Osburn, COO USA.  

The State of Illinois and surrounding states Indiana and Minnesota, are home to major life sciences and healthcare companies. These three states combined, are the third largest home to life sciences and healthcare companies in the USA in terms of number of employees and economy output (below US Northeast at second place and California at the top). There are two recent reports from the Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization, placing the number of life sciences jobs in Illinois between 41,000 and 85,000. In 2016, the industry generated $98 billion in economic output for the state. Chicago O’Hare Airport processes a record volume of just under two million metric tons of cargo per year, worth over $200 billion—ranking in the top 20 globally and first by freight value of all airports in the Americas.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact Thomas Kuhles, VP Hellmann Healthcare Logistics.

Katja Siefke

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