How We Support Homeschooling in Russia

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Hellmann Trade Solutions Russia successfully supported charity project com4kids by donating 140 computers for Russian children.

While the Corona pandemic is forcing many children around the world to stay away from school and learn from home. A lot of families simply do not have the financial funds to purchase a computer while their children need access to distance learning tools online. Homeschooling thus becomes a financial challenge for many families.

At the same time, in many households and companies, old computers that are no longer needed are not in use and simply collecting dust. The charity project com4kids has set itself the task of making these forgotten computers fit again and providing them to children, who desperately need them.

Hellmann Trade Solutions Russia launched this project and was instantly joined by a range of other companies that were willing to support. We collect these old computers, have them fixed, and donate them to families. This way, over 140 computers have been shared with children in need so far!

Hellmann Trade Solutions refurbished and donated more than 140 computers to Russian children, so far.

We further invite companies and organizations that are also willing to donate their discarded computers. With the help of public schools, the computers will be distributed to Russian children.

Do you have a computer and want to help Russian children? Here is your action plan:

  • Contact us and let us know how many computers you can donate and in what condition they are.
  • We will connect you and the educational institution directly and coordinate the process of signing the necessary documents.
  • Once the contracts are signed, we will pick the computers up, repair them if necessary and deliver them to the school. The school transfers the equipment to students in need.
  • You will receive a complete set of documents.

A special “Thanks You” goes to our Hellmann Moscow IT team which fixed some of our dusty computers. If you want to donate your old computer, too, find your contact at Also follow the project on Instagram at com4kids_russia.

Wijnand Herinckx

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