Live Animal Transport: Horses Transport from Mexico to Germany

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Hellmann Mexico had its first live animal operation, which was a great experience for the air export team of the Mexico City Branch.

This process started three weeks before the flight, giving daily follow-up with the client and the verification of all the documents that the government requests for the airline, Lufthansa.

The process consists of requesting the booking with the airline informing how many horses will be sent and on which date, together with the authorization of destination with the shipment of these animals.

In addition this movement includes a ticket on a commercial flight for the caretaker to arrive according to the scheduled dates, in this case coming from Germany to Mexico, and giving them food according to the needs of the animals.

Besides that, it is necessary to request corrals in which they will travel since in Mexico they do not have stock, that's why it is necessary to program the logistics with the airline well in advance. In order to make the reservation with the airline it is necessary to fulfill the following documents:

  • Caretaker's Passport
  • Notification of Health Status
  • Security Declaration for Cargo Attendants
  • Groom Import Protocol

Once we had all of the above, we proceeded to inform the client of the final booking, when will the pens and caretaker arrive in Mexico and the date of entry. It is important to indicate to the airline the gender of each animal, as well as the way they are traveling in the corrals, since they will determine if it's correct or not how the animals are expected to be loaded into the corrals. Once this is determined, we proceed to assign the entry of each horse.

The operation inside customs was a success and our favorite parts of the process were to see how they setup the corrals, how the horses arrive, the care they are given, and all the team of Caporales that helped to get them into the corrals. Finally, to see with satisfaction how through Hellmann we are sending this type of cargo to another part of the world is very satisfying.

This is one great experience more for the team and this opens the doors to continue improving and learning more of the amazing world of forwarding.

Author: Jesús Neyra, Operations Manager Air Freight, Mexico

Katja Siefke

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