Narrow CO2 footprint thanks to solar

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Night Star Express Hellmann BV achieves neutral CO2 status thanks to solar panels on the roof of its logistics center in 's-Heerenberg in the Netherlands. To this end, 676 solar panels were installed by Kremer BV in early January.

"When we expanded our building in 2019, we already replaced the existing lighting in the offices and cross-dock with LEDs. By investing in the solar panels, which are expected to provide 236,412 kWh per year, we can not only achieve energy-neutral status but also feed the excess solar energy into the grid for other users,"

says Patrick Löwenthal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Night Star Express Hellmann B.V., about the installation of the sustainable solar technology.

The PV modules are black solar panels from the company Longi Solar. Two Huawei inverters are used to convert them into electricity, generating a high efficiency of 98.5%. Since the solar panels were placed on the flat roof, a special horizontal construction had to be used.

Matthias Hohmann, Managing Director Night Star Express emphasizes:

"In our industry, it is not easy to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. The installation of solar collectors is a consistent step in the right direction. Night Star Express Hellmann B.V. has already paid attention to the use of CO2-neutral materials and reduced electricity consumption during the conversion and extension of the logistics center in 2019."
Night Star Express Hellmann BV CEO Patrick Löwenthal (pictured right) and Richard Kremer Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kremer BV.

Night Start Express Hellmann B.V. is represented in the Netherlands with branches in 's-Heerenberg and Meppel and a location in Maasmechelen in Belgium. Express shipments are delivered overnight from both countries by 8 a.m. at the latest within Benelux, but also to Germany, France, England, and Switzerland.

Katja Siefke

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