New Container Terminal: Osnabrück based Logistics Companies pool their expertise

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Koch International, and the NOSTA Group will use the new loading center in the Port of Osnabrück from October 2021. The foundation stone has been laid with the establishment of Container Terminal Osnabrück (CTO).

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The wait is over: Osnabrück finally has its own container terminal. In October 2021, the new facility in the Port of Osnabrück will start operations. To operate it, Hellmann, Koch International, and the NOSTA Group are pooling their expertise in the operating company Container Terminal Osnabrück (CTO). The minority share of 49 percent in CTO is held by Terminalbesitzgesellschaft Osnabrück (TBOS). The consortium's common goal is to offer shippers and consignees from the region the opportunity to switch to rail and to expand the route network.

Focus on Sustainability

In view of a significant increase in freight traffic - not only in the greater Osnabrück area - the new terminal offers a sustainable alternative to conventional road transport. By shifting swap bodies and semitrailers, rail freight transport ultimately not only relieves the road network but also saves CO2 emissions on a large scale.

Logistics HUB Osnabrück

The new terminal also underscores Osnabrück's importance as a hub for national and international freight traffic. From October, block trains up to 700 meters long can be loaded and unloaded in the terminal with its gantry cranes almost 40 meters high. In this way, up to 150,000 loading units are to be transferred from road to rail each year. The strategic location makes the CTO an attractive loading point in the region, offering many synergies with existing terminals and routes.

Connection to the Iron Silk Road

The situation in international sea freight has been tense for months. Against this background, intercontinental rail transport is taking on an increasingly important role within globally networked supply chains. In particular, the Iron Silk Road to China is currently enjoying increased demand, which the Osnabrück logistics companies want to take advantage of. The common goal is to bundle the individual loading transports and efficiently shift them to rail.

Katja Siefke

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