New Rail Connections between Asia and Europe

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Do your shipments have to be delivered more urgently? Hellmann offers you shorter lead times in comparison to seafreight as well as a cost saving alternative to airfreight for your apparel shipments from Asia to Europe by using rail. We already connect China to Europe with a lead time of approx. 14 - 18 days.

New Connections through Multimodal Solutions

We are now also capable to connect countries like Korea (Busan, Incheon), Japan (Yokohama, Tokyo), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) and Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung) with a multimodal service (sea + rail) or (truck + rail), and the lead time is approx. door to door 27 – 32 days.

For example ex Korea, Taiwan, Japan --> Sea + Rail

From Vietnam --> Truck + Rail / Sea + Rail / Rail + Rail

You also have the possibility to:

  • Busan, Korea --> Sea + Rail
  • Incheon, Korea --> Sea + Rail
  • Yokohama, Japan --> Sea + Rail
  • Tokyo, Japan --> Sea + Rail
  • Hanoi, Vietnam --> Truck + Rail / Sea + Rail / Rail + Rail
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam --> Truck + Rail / Sea + Rail / Rail + Rail
  • Taipei, Taiwan --> Sea + Rail
  • Taichung, Taiwan --> Sea + Rail
Multimodal Solutions - the cost-saving alternative to air freight for your textile shipments.

Why a freight train connection between Asia and Europe?

  • Increased price stability and reduced market fluctuation
  • Interesting for inland production as no seaport navigation is necessary
  • Environmentally friendly container transportations by clearly reduced CO2 emissions
Our freight train connection offers targeted and certified processes for the fashion industry.

Advantages are time and handling

We offer targeted and certified processes for the fashion industry which are supported by responsive and integrative IT tools, from all relevant production sites in the world to the point of sale. Our additional value added services such as quality control, processing, warehousing and pick&pack combined with RFID will allow you to focus on your core competency and let us handle the logistics.

Current routings from China at a glance.

Current Routings from China

  • Chongqing – Duisburg / Hamburg / Malaszewicze vice versa
  • Chengdu – Nuremberg / Malaszewicze / Lodz / Tilburg vice versa
  • Zhengzhou – Hamburg / Munich / Liege / Malaszewicze / Warsaw vice versa
  • Xi’an – Duisburg / Hamburg / Neuss / Malaszewicze / Budapest vice versa
  • Xiamen – Duisburg / Hamburg / Malaszewicze vice versa
  • Hefei – Hamburg / Neuss / Malaszewicze vice versa

Our current departures from China to Europe

Our current departures from Europe to China

Feel free to get in contact with our Sales for further questions.


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Sebastian Krüger                                                                 

Sales Rail Solutions International                 

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Katja Siefke

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