Shipments from China by truck

World trade is groaning under the burden of rising rates and lack of cargo space, especially on the trade lane between Asia and Europe. In this tense situation, Hellmann offers a solution as an alternative for air and sea freight from China: China Truck Solutions - door-to-door transports for import by truck.

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Our remedy for the shortage of cargo space

First came the Corona pandemic, then the accident in the Suez Canal. Now Corona is striking back with full force in southern China. Even though the situation in the port of Yantian is gradually stabilizing, the backlog in container handling will continue for weeks. Container congestion in southern China is currently more severe than at the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. In addition, the price spiral in air freight continues to revolve and capacity for rail transport on the Iron Silk Road is also limited. In this situation, many shippers are faced with the question of how to get exports from China to Europe? For precisely these cases, Hellmann East Europe established direct truck transports from China back in 2017 and has been successively expanding them since March 2020.

Shipments from China by truck: Our remedy for the shortage of cargo space.

Your advantages:

  • Transit time 21-24 days by truck from China to Europe instead of 40-55 by container
  • Door-to-door direct transports without pre-carriage and onward carriage
  • Availability with a disposition time of only 2-4 days
  • Plannable border passage from China due to pre-confirmed quotas
  • Reduced capital commitment due to shortened transit time compared to ocean freight
  • Same-day price and order confirmation by phone
  • Daily status report on the whereabouts of the shipments
  • Maximum planning flexibility for your production planning
Bridging infinite distances: The transit time between China and Western Europe, including pre-carriage and onward carriage, is no more than 24 days. This means that the truck currently travels almost twice as fast as a container in sea freight.

Only 21-24 days transit time by truck

What seems to be a less efficient way of transportation turns out to be a real problem solver in view of the above-mentioned bottlenecks in global goods traffic. With reliably available cargo space in China, Hellmann East Europe offers a safe and comparably inexpensive alternative to shipping or air travel by truck. The transit time between China and Western Europe, including pre-carriage and onward carriage, is no more than 24 days. This means that trucks currently travel almost twice as fast as a container in sea freight. Compared with air freight (including all pre-carriage and onward carriage, customs processes, and airport handling), the truck takes six to seven days longer but is significantly cheaper. And all this with a scheduling time of only 2-4 days and same-day booking confirmation.

Daily departures, reliable capacities

With a broad partner network of contracted carriers in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, Hellmann East Europe has access to the major players in the local transport market, which eliminates costs for middlemen and brokers and ensures greater transparency. This allows Hellmann East Europe to ensure daily departures from all regions of China. In addition, Hellmann East Europe has a direct line to the border terminals in Manzhouli on the border with Russia and in Khorgas on the China-Kazakhstan border. This enables Hellmann East Europe to offer a fixed quota for smooth border passage in exports from China by truck.  

Hellmann East Europe has a fixed quota to offer smooth border passage for exports from China by truc

Seamless tracking for maximum security

Contrary to all clichés, the truck route between China and Western Europe offers maximum security. Not only through comprehensive checks by the Chinese authorities at the external borders, but above all through seamless tracking with daily reports on the transports - including, if desired, real-time monitoring with the intelligent tracking tool Smart Visibility.

"With our direct truck transports from China, we are in tune with the times and can offer our customers a reliable solution in the face of a challenging situation in world trade. In this way, we create a degree of predictability for exports from China. Our customers reflect this with great interest and also a certain degree of gratitude," says Dieter Mauritz, General Management, Hellmann East Europe.

In the short term, this solution provides a light at the end of the tunnel for shippers who are currently complaining about a lack of export opportunities from China - even if China Truck Solutions cannot be a long-term solution and we at Hellmann continue to hope for an easing of the situation in air and sea freight.

For freight inquiries please contact:

Dieter Mauritz

General Management, Route Development China Truck
Hellmann East Europe GmbH & Co. KG

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Tel.: +49 151-20 34 92 02

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