Złombol Rally: through Europe in a scrap car

More than 4,000 kilometers lie ahead of him when Kamil Żychowski sets off from Katowice in Poland to Burhaniye in Turkey on June 26. What's special is that he is completing the distance in a car that is over 25 years old and that many would only describe as scrap metal - but that is precisely what the Złombol Charity Rally is all about.

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Together with his team "07 Spojler", Kamil Żychowski, Direct Load Operator at Hellmann Krakow, took on the 14th edition of this almost epic battle of materials for Hellmann to raise funds for Polish orphanages. His old FSO Polonez stickers an advertising pillar, Hellmann Poland is also involved as a sponsor.

Złombol ("złom" means scrap metal) is a charity car rally starting in Poland. The goal of the annual rally is to complete a series of stages with a car built or designed during the communist era and costing no more than 1000 zł (around 320 USD), which demand everything from the old car.

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The teams will not receive any technical support or assistance from the organizers during the long stages. In case of breakdowns or technical defects, the teams have to do the work themselves.

The rally is mostly driven on public roads, which is enough of a challenge for the cars. The teams travel either in small groups or individually, depending on what the team prefers. A start and finish point are set for each leg, and teams are free to choose the itinerary between these two points. Overnight stays are usually in tents, and risk and costs throughout the rally are borne by the teams themselves.

The Złombol Rally is a great event that Hellmann Poland is happy to support as a sponsor. This year, a total of PLN 1,200,000 was raised, which equals a proud €262,166.08. Respect!

Katja Siefke

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